COVID-19: My thoughts

Hello everybody!!! I’m SO SO SO SO sorry for not being consistent with my blog posts.It really isn’t showing that I have the best “blogger vibes”, but allow me to make that up to you all. Since we are now on quarantine, I don’t have much to do besides online school and face-timing with friends so now I’m going to pick my blog back up and not set it down again. Sooo, you know what the tea is. Honestly, it’s nothing new, we are all stuck inside our houses because of the COVID-19, or more commonly known as the corona virus. I think that I’ve gone mentally insane, and I’m just painting 24/7 to try and cope (don’t worry about me, I’m fine…..) But here’s my side of who’s REALLY behind all of this corona virus shenanigans.

You see, my theory is similar to the story of Jonah in the bible. (If you don’t read the bible, Jonah ran away from God when he asked him to tell people to be good, then got swallowed by a whale. Jonah came out and finally did what God had asked. God forgave the bad people and Jonah was mad that God had forgiven them. He threw a fit and God had given Jonah a plant as shade and told him not to be envious). Theory #1: Someone (particularly from Wuhan, China) was running from God and God said “You shall obey or else I’ll send plagues”or something like that and the person wasn’t very wise, and doubted his power, and then started coughing, hacking, and got this world pandemic started.

Theory #2: If anyone remembers, last year, the movie “Birdbox” absolutely blew up on Netflix. They made challenges, made memes, and the actors and Netflix made a BUNCH of money from that movie. Since everyone was watching it nonstop God decides to say,”Hey, you guys watched this movie like crazy, let’s give you a test.” and here we are

Well folks, that all for today, but I will definitely try and make sure to blog more in the future, it is something that I have made sure to make time for. And for a big announcement, I’ve started a YouTube channel, so if you wanna go subscribe, here’s the link: See ya guys!!!

Travel Diaries: Savannah, GA

Hey, y’all! Happy Sunday from here in the U.S! I hope you’re gonna have a good week!! I am very very very sorry for not posting for the last two weeks. The first week I didn’t post, working on my blog had completely slipped my mind! Do you ever have those moments where you intentionally tell and lecture yourself into remembering something, and you kind of have a feeling that you are going to forget it? That is what happened to me. The second week, I was traveling to Maryland for a wedding. Well, now that I’ve cleared that up, this blog post is going to be about my trip to Savannah, GA. When you see the title Travel Diaries, you automatically need to know, it’s about a trip that I’ve taken. I write these to review different areas in the world and recommend them to my viewers to see if they’d enjoy the place! Let me tell you a bit about my trip to Savannah…

We had gone down to Savannah for Winter Break. We left Atlanta on New Years Day and came back the Friday before Winter Break was over. As we first arrived, we were so overwhelmed with all the stuff to do. There was a regular street outside of our hotel and the river street in the back of the hotel. On the regular street in front of our hotel, there were shops, museums, historical artifacts, and parks. On the river street, there were shops, food, and right there was the Savannah River so you could go on ferries that they had come and go at certain times. There was a lot of history on the streets of Savannah and I’m glad we got to witness most of it. We went to a place called “The Thomas-Owens house”. We only left there angry, energy-less, and hungry because instead of the tour guide really talking about the slavery behind that house and talking about the truth, they instead continued to go on and on about just the house itself. We also went down to Tybee Island (even though it was January) to catch the sunset and go into the water. *Spoiler Alert: IT WAS COLD* While we were there we had amazing Southern Cuisine and tried beignets, which we have been wanting to try for a while after watching Princess and The Frog 1000000000000000000000 times. We tried Leonardo’s ice cream, which had a line going wayyy down the street. But, if I’m going to be honest, the juice wasn’t worth the squeeze. They didn’t even have Chocolate Chip Cook Dough (The BEST ice cream flavor in the world). There was the Forsyth Park, where my family and I took an insta-worthy mini-photo shoot. We also went to the First African American church, which we had a lot better experience than the Thomas-Owens museum. They gave us a tour with lots of historical facts incorporated. The actual church was under construction, but my mom managed to find a way to let us take a tiny sneak peek. We then left after also looking around at all the shops and places to eat in Savannah. That was the end of our trip!

I hoped you all like reading my travel blog of our trip to Savannah. If so, make sure to share this blog with others and don’t forget to follow!!

XOXO, Gracie

10 Things you can do to stay stress-free in 2020

Hey guys!! My name is Gracie and this is one of my first ever blog posts!!! I’m super duper excited!! I thought to myself, “Whats a way you can combine you long-lost love for writing AND make it publicized? By starting a blog!!”. So I sat down and I thought and thought about what to write about and then it came to me: How to stay stress free in the new year. Bringing in the new year, we all need to leave out all the old, bad, crusty vibes. We need to leave fake friends, bad grades, and DRAMA most of all in 2019, so here’s a list of exactly how to do so!

  1. Stay away from toxic people

Now, I have to say, out of every friend I can remember having, I can FOR SURE pick out the real and the fake ones. Some ways to pick out the good from the bad of your friends is to observe there body language toward you. If they don’t face you when you’re talking to them, or they shrug their shoulder in response to anything you say (whether it’s a question or not) I’m sorry to say, but they are not your friend. Now, if you can’t get rid of them, here’s what you do: You simply just slowly drift to a different group of friends. There’s no reason to be rude about it, but just find a new group of people to hang out with. Easy peasy!

2. Purchase a planner

I’ve never been a real planner junkie, but I just bought a planner for this year and I gotta say, I love it. My mom had actually bought me one for Christmas and its honestly one of the main reasons why I’m motivated to use it. I’m not as advanced as her with using all sorts of stickers, but I’m getting there 🙂 Having a planner is honestly such a relief. You don’t even need to have all kinds of stickers that are all fancy to be able to use a planner. You can easily purchase a 12 pack of pens on Amazon for about $5-$10. Honestly, pencil would work just as fine. It’s your planner and you can make it as decorated as you like. As long you can benefit from having organization from your planner.

3. Go through your inbox

I know that a LOT of people (including me) sign up for things with their email, and then all of them pile up in your inbox waiting to be checked. Well having all those emails crowded into your inbox can eventually shove some things into your spam, and that’s not good. Also, for any job, you need to be able to receive emails in case of work updates. If you have children, then with all of their activities, your email is required. I don’t know one corporation, company, or organization that asks you for your email, and then doesn’t sent you about a bazillion emails every single minute of the day. Cleaning out your inbox definitely is one of the main things you can utilize to stay stress free this new year.

4. Unclutter your home

We recently got back from a vacation to Savannah, Georgia over the winter holidays, and as we got back, we had major cleaning to do. We also wanted to clean up before the new year to get a new clean house and try and rush out all the nasty, crusty vibes. Cleaning up your house to ring in the new year is a great way to start it because it gives you a clean slate and a fresh state of mind. Starting off the year with a nasty house lets the negative, pessimistic, and moody vibes linger around your house for even longer and it also leaves germs (ew!)

5. Relax!!!

“Be still and know that I am God” Psalms 46: 10. One of the most essential things in life is chill, relaxation, being in the zone, whatever you wanna call it! It is always important to take some time for yourself. There are many different ways to do that, however you see fit for you. Sitting outside in your hammock, or taking a nap. Heck, book a flight and travel all the way across the world if it calms you! Whatever you need to do to reach your calm and your own happy place.

6. Put down your gadgets

I cannot stress this enough. Screen time is OK, but too much of it is VERY bad for you. Now, I can’t say that I’m not addicted myself, but I can give you a list of many ways how screen time can take a toll on your body and health. First, your eyesight. Too much light from your screen can cause you to strain your eyes which causes damage. Secondly, your sleep. The ultra-violet rays coming from your device when using it right before bed can mess up your sleep schedule. And lastly, your weight. When falling asleep with a screen on, your waist could potentially expand by 11%.

7. Pick up a book

While spending time away from those gadgets, you’re going to need something else to do, so why not pick up a book? Reading can take your mind to all sorts of wonderful places that you could never go in real life. Reading also helps calm the nerves and fill up your brain with more knowledge. Also, reading books to younger siblings or your own kids benefits you and them. As Dr. Seuss said, “You are never too old, too wacky, or too wild, to pick up a book and read to a child.

8. Get more sleep

Getting sleep is an amazing way to get rid of stress. There’s no way to argue with anyone if you’re catching some zzzs. On average, adults need about 9 hours of sleep and kids need about 11. To me, who is a sleep LOVER, that isn’t enough. Sleeping is a great way to let all of those bad vibes from your day let them drift away in the night.

9. Find some new hobbies

Looking and searching for a new passion may take a little while for some. For others, it may take very little time and effort, but finding new things that you enjoy is always fun. You could go roller-skating or follow a Bob Ross tutorial online. There are so many ways to be introduced to something new that will bring joy and excitement into your life.

10. Meditate/Do Yoga

Doing yoga helps increase flexibility, mindfulness, awareness, and optimism. It also create a nice stretch for the body and the mind. Even if you can fit in a 15-20 minute yoga session before and after you work out would do the trick. For meditating, what I would do is grab your essential oil diffuser, your essential oils, and your patience. Doing both calms down all your nerves and helps you forget about anything that you’re stressing about. Even if you go to a 45-60 minute yoga session at the Y, then meditate afterwards, both would be beneficial into helping you achieve your goal of a stress-free 2020.

Take these tools and use them wisely to make sure you have a stress-free 2020!!!!

XOXO, Gracie